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Areas covered include:

Magic and Performing Rituals.




Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing


Exorcisms and Spirit Crossing




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

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Who is Sadhu Dah?

 Sadhu Dah is an Ajarn of the Theravada Buddhist Magick lineage under Master Thanaphol Pakdee and Master Pong Sak. He is also a student of some very notable masters in Thailand such as Ajarn Aung of Wat Choeng Wai, Master San Kengwet of Wat Bangchak, Luang Phor Kloy, and the famous Luang Phor Khaek of Wat Sunthorn Pradit Ongprathan. He was further initiated in Nonthaburi, Thailand as a Lersi by Lersi Lek Pakdee, the brother of Thanaphol Pakdee and a student of LP Khaek.


 Sadhu has years of experience and training with the inner door secrets of these traditions and many others as well. Sadhu Dah has had the privilege of studying under Rinpoches and Lamas from the Bonpo Tibetan lineage where he became a Lama through initiation. In continued learning, he is also a formal student in the Mao Shan sect of Taoism under High Priest Wilson Yong in Malaysia.

 Through a love of learning and a studious approach, Sadhu Dah has undergone the ritual rites and testing of many traditions and customs. With careful practice and plenty of devotion, Sadhu Dah has attained titles from other various traditions, such as High Priest in a Wiccan Coven, he's studied under Jeffery Deuel in Norse Magic, and even became a Master Hypnotist under the guidance of the Shambala Institute. Sadhu Dah is a passionate practitioner in Fook Yuen Chaun and is a Sechem Level Reiki Master.

 When you book a session with Sadhu Dah, you are getting the collective wisdom of many masters within various lineages dating back thousands of years. You will find him to be well versed in healing work just as much as personal magic and spiritual protection.

Spiritual Teacher and Exorcist

The Master's Altar


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Master San Kengwet

LP Khaek


LP Kloy

Lersi Lek Pakdee


Ajarn Aung


Master Thanaphol Pakdee

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Master Pong Sak

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All sessions must be done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal inquiries.

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