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Ajarn Initiation 1-Year Course

Month 1 

Sadhana, Grounding & Cultivating Energy

Learn the snake swallows moon set for strengthening the flow of your chi, aligning chakras, and cleansing the physical and energetic body while balancing brain chemistry. We will also cover how to open the energy points in your hands, make chi balls, and transmute energies around you and ground yourself to prevent space neurosis.

Month 3

Neurogenic Reprocessing, Color Breathing & Traumatic Memory Resolution

Learn how to use breathing and color to connect with the subconscious mind to rewrite your neurology and remove self-mutilation programs and install more positive and healthy patterns into the neurology. Self-hypnosis techniques for healing trauma, including soul retrieval, and ways to reduce anxiety, and depression, and gain the ability to cope with stress. You can even use these techniques to create quantum templates for manifestation.

Month 5

Candle Magic & Khmer Yant Magic

Learn how to use and make candles for special spell castings, along with performing invisible yant writing for secretive spell work and sak yant. You will be taught LP Khaek's highly guarded yants and be given permission to use them.

Month 7

Purging, Attachment Breaking, Meridian Dredging & Advanced Healing Techniques For Self Care and Client Care

Learn some old school techniques of Lumpia, Reiki Attunement, Pranic Healing, and Advanced Meridian Chi Gung. You will also be given the instructions for how to make special elixirs and cleansing potions. 

Month 9

Past Life Regression & Astral Projection

A special guided meditation with an explanation on how to perform it yourself or to instruct and guide others through the process. We will also talk about one of your past lives and break down some of the lessons taken away and what is still being learned in this life. You will also learn the steps necessary for astral projecting even while in a waking state.

Month 11

Rahu Master Ritual & Wua Tanu Magical Ox Wicha

Learn the inner workings of a very special ritual for the God of Karma and Fortune, Rahu. This god wields the power to change the luck or karma of a person, working with Rahu often brings about some incredible phenomena and is an incredible experience worth its weight in gold. You also will learn the complex magic field of the Wua Tanu Magical Ox and have the education to work with them and instruct them for many purposes, but especially for powerful protection.

Month 2

Psychic Self Defense, Shielding & Warding

Develop a set of tools for developing strong shielding from psychic attacks and black magic while also knowing how to place energetic wards in and around the home. You are also going to be taught an advanced chi gung set to tap into what we call the electric blue snake.

Month 4

Performing The Suad Pan Yak Ritual

Learn a sacred rite from the Ajarn lineage that teaches you how to work with the Asuras and Lower Devas of the Yaksa Dimension under the protection of the God known as Tao Wessuwan. A very potent and ancient ritual for removing bad karma, black magic, and curses. It will also banish entities promoting negative influence in your life, it can also be used to place master blessings on amulets and even create spirit statues.

Month 6

Altar Construction & Spirit Worship

How to consecrate and properly create an altar for working within the Thai traditions. How to call the spirits and give offerings and command tasks for spirits to carry out according to the proper rites of the Ajarn lineage.

Month 8

Mantra, Katha, & God Attuning

How to chant several different special katha and matra provided to you with instructions for mastery. You also gain insight into advanced invocation methods and how to summon gods within your own body to channel their energy for ritual workings, healings, and spell casting.

Month 10

Creating  a Hoon Payon & Constructing A Takrut

We will make a spirit statue together and go through the process of how it is done while also exploring some variations to make different types of spirit dwelling statues. We will also explore more of LP Khaek's secret yants and some of Ajarn Non's special yants and how to make spell scrolls for protection and other uses they can be constructed for.

Month 12

Secrets Of The Gods & Reading Animal Totems

We dive deep into cosmic structure and origin while also explaining the complexities of what gods are, how they live, and some of the secret teachings from the Ajarn lineage. You will then be taught how to perform animal soul readings on people and identify their totem animals and what those animals represent and mean.

$3,000 USD containing coursework for an entire year.

2 lessons a month.

(payment plans are accepted)

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