Sadhu Dah has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Magic School

Monthly classes with the curriculum set to build you into a proficient magician. You will learn to develop and attune psychic senses, ritual practice, channeling energy, and working with spirits.



Hypnotherapy Sessions

Sessions of sub delta wave trancework to rewrite neurology and override the subconscious mind for the purpose of installing new patterns. Alleviate anxiety levels, manage stress, confront childhood issues, smoking cessation, weight loss, manage depression.


Custom-made talismans and amulets with encoded properties to ward off spirits, draw in good luck, strengthen your healing work or even call a lover to you. Spirit-bound vessels can also be requested as well as egregores for personal magical practices.

Pranic Healing and Mantra Saturation

Meridian dredging, energy blockage removal, chakra alignment, and aura cleansing. Sadhu Dah will channel chi and use sacred mantras to perform potent and thorough healing of all manners that will be felt and improve your state of being.

Personalized Ritual Work and BFM

BFM stands for "Big F***ing Magic", meaning its highly customized rituals for big change or protection on a much higher level. Potent, powerful, and very complex workings done with the assistance of the Theravada lineage of Master Pong Sak and Master Thanaphol Pakdee. Lesser rituals with instructions and supplies can be sent and provided as well, Sadhu Dah will oversee and walk you through performance.



Effective methods employed to purge the body and disconnect the entity from taking up residence in the affected individual. Tried and proven, with high levels of success and years of experience with this practice. 


Spirit Removal and Home Cleansings

Remotely performed with great effect or done in person if needed. Protection will be placed around and in the home, spirits will be ejected from your dwelling and the energy inside will be cleansed. Clients will be taught protective methods, given amulets, and have instructions provided while Sadhu Dah performs necessary actions.

Soul Retrieval and Trauma Processing

Fractured components of the personality will be integrated and brought home, this is achieved by a combination of hypnotherapy and energy work. This is for deep trauma, PTSD, self-harm, and various addictions. Together we will face the darkest parts of ourselves and bring them home to the heart.

Summoning Spirits

Depending on the request, a spirit will be chosen and summoned for you to interact and work with, or a simple process will be taught to you for summoning the spirit. This can be an entity or a deceased loved one, celestial being, etc. Custom sigil will be provided for long-term use.

Crossing Spirits

A deeply personal and intimate working for saying goodbye to a loved one where you can experience their presence, make amends, or say last words. This service can also be used to cross spirits over in general for whatever purpose that may be.