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Ajarn Training

Level 1 Course contains 19 Lessons for $1,600, can be made in payments. Certification upon completion and initiation ceremony into Khmer Lanna Forest Monk Tradition.

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Sadhana, Grounding, and Cultivating Energy

You will be taught Chi Gung sets for strengthening the flow of your chi, aligning chakras, and cleansing the physical and energetic body while balancing brain chemistry. There will also be instruction of how to work with the individual chakras and a breakdown of the etheric anatomy and general cleansing strategy for optimum care of your physical and spiritual health.

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Attending a Suad Pan Yak Ritual

The Asuras and Lower Devas will be summoned from the Yaksa dimension with the Suad Pan Yak ritual under the guidance of the God, Tao Wessuwan. This is an incredibly potent and ancient ritual from Thai Buddhist traditions for removing bad karma, black magic, and curses. It will also banish entities promoting negative influence in your life. You will be taught how to perform this ritual and also participate in it. 

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Candle Magick

Various types of candle spells will be taught to you, along with how to consecrate, anoint, and strip the power from a candle. You will also be given the meaning of colors, how to strengthen a candle spell, and some creative and crafty ways of blending Wicca with Thai Animistic practices blended with Ceremonial Magick.



Altar Worship and Spirit Worship

Learn the ins and outs of using an altar and constructing one for the greatest effect for what you are trying to achieve. Additionally, you will be trained on how to work with ghosts, nature spirits, and lower realm beings for the purpose of command and assistance with workings and manifesting desires.



Purging, Attachment Breaking, and Meridian Dredging

Potent concoctions for cleansing the body of toxic energy, self cleansing energetic practices for recovering from entity attacks, and how to sever attachments from the body. You will also learn how to purge the entire energy body with an intense practice that is highly effective.

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Psychic Self Defense

You will be taught a variety of techniques, tools to implement, and ways to defend against spiritual, energetic, and mental attacks. Specific blocking mudras, repelling mantra, and psychic strategies will be given to you.



Neurogenic Reprocessing and Color Breathing

Learn how to use breathing and color to connect with the subconscious mind to rewrite your neurology and remove self mutilation programs and install more positive and healthy patterns into the neurology. Self hypnosis techniques for removing trauma, reducing anxiety, depression, and giving the ability to cope with stress, or even create quantum templates for manifestation.



Sigil Magick

A comprehensive introduction to performing Sigil Magick to call upon spirits, manifest desires, create spells, warding, banishing, and some interesting ways of employing sigils.



Working With Gods and Deities

How to properly work with Gods and higher celestial beings, including the proper offerings, katha, and steps needed to evoke them to this physical plane for seeking of wish granting, protection, and anything that particular deity may specialize in.

The full course also contains the following additional classes:

-Paranormal Protocols

-Gathering Sacred Ingredients

-Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunement

-Mantra and Katha

-Making a Hoon Payon

-Astral Projection

-Chi Hands


-Past Life Regression

-House Cleansing

If you prefer to take the individual courses rather than the whole program you may do so at $100 per course

***Once Level 1 is completed you may take the Level 2 Advanced Course

Advanced Ajarn Training

Level 2 Course contains 17 Lessons for $2,400, can be made in payments. Certification upon completion and the Wua Thanu Magical Oxen Statues are included in tuition price.



Rahoo Master Class

You will learn a very specific Master Katha and powerful ritual that is the most effective way of working with Rahoo. He is the karma eater, God of Fortune and Misfortune, he wields the power to change the luck or karma of an individual, working with Rahoo is a jaw dropping experience, phenomena occurs everytime.



What A Phurba Is and How To Use It

This is a class based in Bonpo tradition with teachings handed directly down from my Rinpoche Master. You will learn about the spiritual blade used in Tibetan Buddhism and also its secret uses that are not public knowledge.

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Hypnotherapy Session and Training

A free trauma regression hypnosis session with Sadhu Dah, then you will be taught the Holographic Memory Resolution module, along with speed inductions, long inductions, and various techniques for properly performing hypnosis sessions, additionally you will learn about NLP (conversational hypnosis).



History Of Ichiri, Diabolicals, and Klepoth

A complex breakdown of the hierachy and nature of malevolent non-human entities, Demonology 101.

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Wua Tanu Magical Ox Wicha

A very specific Thai Wicha, the magical system for the magical oxen, how to work with them, what to use them for, and why they will be the best defenders and spirit guardians you will ever come across.

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Advanced Energy Healing Parasite Removal

You will be taught a variety of techniques pertaining to specific types of astral parasites and how to identify them and remove them, there will also be a discourse on the varying types of astral parasites and how they operate. This is a powerful method of energy healing that will heavily increase your ability to cleanse, purge, and recharge the energetic body.



Goddess Blessing and Performing The Destiny Bracelet

You will be a taught a very specific katha with many uses, but critical ones that are commonly used by monks in many traditional blessings and rites that are conducted. I will teach you how to use it to make what is known as the "Destiny Bracelet". Your energies will forever be attuned to the Divine Goddess Current and it will shift your power in a major way.

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Taoist Inner Smile Meditation and Talking To Your Organs

An ancient Taoist meditation for consciously communicating with the various organs in your body, this incredible meditation deepens awareness, universal perception, and chi cultivation and direction.



Eiji Summoning and How To Make Eiji Water

Learn how to perform a summoning for the Water Goddess, Eiji. You will be taught spells and symbols from her language, "the language of light". You will also be able to create Eiji Water, which is like Holy Water on steroids. There is a lot packed into this lesson and it even gives you a solid footing with Elemental Magick.

The full course also contains the following additional classes:

-Advanced Astral Self Defense and Celestial Chi Gung

-Reiki Master Level & Sechem Attunement

-Advanced Mantra and Consecrated Chants

-Charged Water Enhanced and Banishing Ghosts Oil

-Thanaphol Stories and History Of Monks

-Samadhi Surfing, Joined Higher State, Experience The Trampoline Bounce

-Making Spell Squares With Auspicious Numbers

-Scrying, Intro To Remote Viewing

Authentic Old Siam Traditions Blended With Varying Cultures

If you prefer to take the individual courses rather than the whole program you may do so at $100 per course if you have completed the Level 1 Course in its entirety.

Ajarn Master Training

Level 3 Course contains 18 Lessons for $2,500, can be made in payments. Certification upon completion and you will receive invitation to meet Sadhu's Masters in Thailand to receive very powerful blessings and attend ceremonies.

Additional Classes In This Course

1. Thoughtforms

2. Secrets Of The Gods

3. Soul Gazing

4. Diamond Emerald Buddha

5. Wellness Curse

6. Tibetan Magic Red Salt

7. Theravada Power Attunement

8. Curanderismo

9. Suad Pan Yak Variations

10. Pendulums

11. Self TMR Holographic Healing

12. Water Distance Tapping

13. Yamun

14. Reading Animal Totems

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