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Sadhu Dah has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:
thai temples

Hypnotherapy and Soul Retrieval Package

 A guided meditation where we use hypnotic anchoring and sub delta brainwave trancework to relax the body and induce astral projection where we will enter the Akashic Hall of Records and rewrite soul contracts. We then connect the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and rewrite the self mutilation patterns that are harming your life and ability to live freely. Shadow integration is then performed and lost soul shards are called home. This is the perfect blend of Eastern and Western modalities, it uses Neuro Linguistic Programming, Traumatic Memory Resolution, Wiccan Guided Meditation, Indigenous Soul Retrieval, Shinobi Shadow Work, Samadhi Alignment, and much more.

$200 per session

Parasite Removal, Mantra Saturation, and Energetic Cleansing Package

 We remove any spirit attachments and astral parasites with Pranic Healing, Sechem Level Reiki, and Thai Wicha. Chakras will be aligned and Meridians will be dredged of toxic chi. You will experience profound relaxation and be charged with sacred mantras performed in Pali and Sanskrit. Sadhu Dah will do a scan of your energy body to provide exactly what you need in this session.

last resort paranormal

$150 per session

or $50 for a 10min Rapid Cleanse

haunted doll

From $285 up to $600

Love Spells, Business Blessings, and Ritual Work

  This service is for those who want to call a lover back, increase charm and sex appeal, bring more customers to your business, or increase luck in gambling. If you can think of it, we can do a ritual for it.

(Only exception is curse work, I will not curse people for you.)

Black Magick and Curse Removal

 The Asuras and Lower Devas will be summoned from the Yaksa dimension with the Suad Pan Yak ritual under the guidance of the God, Tao Wessuwan. This is an incredibly potent and ancient ritual from Thai Buddhist traditions for removing bad karma, black magic, and curses. It will also banish entities promoting negative influence in your life. Along with the ritual work undertaken, Sadhu Dah will make tamboon in your name, do a follow up session, complimentary council, and add master's blessing for your life.




$125 per 60min class

or take full courses

Ajarn Training

 Learn the rituals and various Thai Wicha for creating spirit-bound statues, candle spells, sacred katha, and old Khmer Lanna forest traditions along with the path of the Lersi. In class, we will attune your psychic senses, teach you to channel energy and perform real magick, summon spirits, and know how to protect yourself from supernatural dangers. Available in single classes or guided courses for serious practitioners.


Click on the photo for Master Courses and Lineage Initiation


 Emergency situations of spirit integration or demonic possession will be given the most professional touch. If required, Sadhu Dah will bring in one of his masters to assist in helping the client become free of all negative spiritual influence. This service will always remain free to those who are truly desperate and in a life or death situation.

real exorcism


prai ghost


Spirit Crossing

 Grief can be a struggle for even the strongest of people, if you've lost a loved one and want to make sure they have crossed over and interact with them one more time, this is the service. It will be delicately approached, you will be able to get the closure you need so you can say goodbye. Sadhu Dah puts you in a state of trance where you can interact with the deceased person as he summons their spirit before crossing them cleanly over to the other side. You will also be given a hypnotic grieving session with an emphasis on letting go and gaining acceptance.

Amulet Counter

blind master

Purchase handcrafted amulets and talismans made by Sadhu Dah or his masters. Each object is intensely consecrated with powerful energies through rich devotion and ancient animistic ritual work. Sacred practices are applied from various traditions, mostly Barang, Taoist, and Thai Wicha. You will also find that Sadhu Dah has carefully selected genuine Thai amulets and spirit statues from all across Thailand that can be found in his shop.

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