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Demon Venom and The Cure

There is a substance that exists purely to drive humans insane and cripple their faculties, there also exists a cure for such a vile poison. Learn the secrets of these two things in todays article from Sadhu Dah.

Demon Venom

One of the worst substances known to humankind, this stuff is beyond just toxic and it will kill you quickly if you are lucky. More than likely it will drive you insane to the point where you are so mentally broken and fractured that you will weep in desperation for death to take you, only to suffer further and perspire from an agonizing physical death once it bridges from the mental plane, like a blood infection going to your heart.

Sepsis of the soul...

It's very unpleasant, I say this from first hand experience. The way one becomes infected

with the venom occurs in two different ways, by direct contact, or by attack. In order to break possession, you must gain rapport with the possessed person, this is the key component in an exorcism no matter what the approach is that you undertake. This would obviously expose someone directly to the energies that are invading a client. You literally have to join in their psychosis and meet them at their vibratory level. Once you've done that, you can then elevate their vibrations beyond the reach of the entity, but this is very risky business.

Doing this brings you in close proximity to the entity, if it is unable to attack you it will then target you in subtle ways. Sometimes the entity doesn't even have to try, using shields and protective techniques can be incredibly helpful, but venom can still seep into the cracks. I was fighting a Mazoku for a week (an ancient and powerful malevolent entity that comes from Japan), everyday I worked with the client who was under siege from this particular entity. I did a vast amount of sessions and numerous amounts of magical processes, the entity had a near perfect possession hold over my client.

That's when my reality warped, I had only slept for two hours, upon waking up I realized what was happening, I was locked in a prison of sorts, hit with just a partial dose of venom, but it was enough to do the job. I had an inception experience, meaning I had three successive dreams, I had woken up from the first one realizing it was a dream. This was a pure nightmare of my worst trauma mixed with contorted delusions and void waking like psychosis, it was then that I had found myself to be in a second dream which was far worse by a hundred fold.

I was so shattered, torn asunder and crippled. I briefly gained consciousness and couldn't breathe, I caught myself falling back asleep while desperately clawing at waking consciousness. I had never woken up though, in my feeling of waking up I had actually gone a layer deeper into a nightmare worse than the first. It peaked when I woke up inside the third dream, I couldn't tell what was real or not and was broken by a reel of my most horrid trauma, thoughts and delusions that were foreign to me, warped dimensions of unspeakable horrors, everything so tangible that each sensation was felt across all of my senses.

When I actually woke up, I was shaking, drenched in sweat and mumbling incoherently. I became nauseous and puked before I could even crawl out of bed, my muscles barely working as my body seized uncontrollably. I was still trapped even when I was awake and couldn't determine reality from hallucination. This one image sticks with me, I was falling into a static television screen, over and over, each time I was splitting into a million pieces and those pieces fractured further into the static, it was a pain that struck me down to my nerve endings. Visceral pain dotted my vision and was equally plagued by how sore my body was, I felt beaten and bruised to my bones.

This is a perfect example of how subtle these entities can be, it couldn't directly hit me, but the toxic energy that they are composed of was potent enough to accumulate in my body over time while working with my client, even though I had ample protection. The venom finds trauma packets in your neurology, think of them as open wounds that have scars lining the edges of the cuts; it then leaks into the trauma packets and they begin to fester. This triggers an exaggerated neurological response where your body goes into shock, and the mind dives into psychosis due to trauma packets being exposed and magnified. The worst part about all of this, is it's preventable and the close proximity venom is low dose. Given time though, it will induce a pattern of insomnia and tendrils will grow over the course of a couple weeks. The entity then has a direct door to attack you, if the root is not stamped out it will allow the entity to attack you from within.

Being attacked by the venom is the “Holy Grail” of naughtiness!
You don't want this, I swear to you it's fire in the veins and smoke in the lungs.

I got hit so hard with venom on a case once, that I started coughing up actual black shadows. If you don't use rapport to get close enough to break possession on a client, then you are using a Yang style approach. This means that you are approaching it as if you were spraying a firehouse, it can be very effective; until it's not... Definitely not a bad style, but when it doesn't work, things can get rough. Marks and bruises can appear on your body, you can get instantly possessed, or even levitate 6ft in the air and be slammed into a concrete wall after flying through a table and then end up as a crumpled mess on the floor with broken ribs. That last one happened to me too...

Think of it like being hit with the equivalent of a rattlesnake bite. The energy body becomes necrotic, tears and punctures form. This leads to excruciating physical pain and possibly death by heart attack, or worse. What could be worse, you may ask? Try committing a murder suicide and then having your spiritual essence being enveloped into cosmic oblivion by a hungry predator waiting to receive you in the Astral. I really don't advocate that anyone stir up the hornet’s nest and fight a diabolical entity. They are pretty much invisible sociopaths with psychic powers. If you must engage, have the decency to be proficient in these matters, know that you

are playing for keeps. Get really good at magic and have a strong spiritual discipline, take the time to study and train, also make sure you've mastered or become an expert in psychic warfare, including astral battle. Having all of that still won't guarantee your safety and in the long run you will still gain scars both mentally and physically. I have already lived more than a lifetime in the countless cases I have taken on.

(Affected Client)

Demonic Antivenom

I've been wanting to create a vaccine for ghost sickness, possession, poltergeist hauntings, and numerous other paranormal maladies. This is something I felt the world needed, so I spent a long time mulling over what it would take to achieve this. It was my hope that I could make something in the form of a drink, that could then be given to clients. The implications of making this substance would go far beyond being able to do an exorcism by just drinking water. I consulted with a Lama that I train with and used Tibetan Homeopathy to make the Demonic Antivenom. I'm sharing the recipe, for the most part. There's a couple steps I could not include, because of how secret they are. The version below has more than enough power to do any job, though I must admit even this stripped down version is incredibly demanding and probably not achievable for most. The critical component in potency is the ability to generate powerful energy, unfortunately I've yet to find a way to get average psychics, normal people, and regular magicians to recreate this. You need to be either a Sadhu, Monk, Yogi, Taoist Priest, or an Ascended Master that can generate very high levels of internal energy. You need to be able to breach the 5th dimension and taste the 6th, esoterically speaking. Not an average feat at all.

If you are not of the higher categories mentioned above, you'll still succeed in making a very powerful concoction, but it won't resemble the true product. You can order gallon jugs from me if you'd like, the problem is availability. It takes time to make this stuff, so if you want more than a gallon, you'll need to wait about four weeks after ordering it before receiving bigger batches. If you do order it from me then make sure you stretch this stuff as far as possible, note that you can and should dilute it when consuming it. I also invite you to test the version I make against the stuff you make. This is not a short ritual or process, creating this formula can be broken down over days if you need it to be, and I invite you to take weeks concocting this because of how stressful it is on the energy body and mental faculties, grounding is essential, trust me. It would actually be dangerous for your health to even try and make it completely in a day, you'd fry your pranic structure beyond repair and dive into space neurosis. As complicated and drawn out as the whole process is, there's a sound science and logic behind each step. This is structured in a way that you won't understand and that's ok. We are dealing with some very intricate formulas and deep layers of magical blending. I know many will struggle with making this, it's mainly outlined for a deeper understanding of some Tibetan Homeopathy, Bonpo Magic, Kriya Cultivation, and Inner Door Theravada Meditations.


These concentrates we are making will be the core of what gives the Demonic Antivenom it potency, everything else builds on top of this base. The first process is preparing the concentrates for secondary empowerments, we are stacking the energies in a very precise way. This works to cause a specific reaction in the body, and it creates a map that the energies will follow.

1. Boil a pot of water until it simmers, add in half of an ounce of peppermint leaves. Strain the water into a bottle, label the bottle and set it aside.

2. Boil a pot of water until it simmers, add in an ounce of rose petals. Strain the water into a bottle, label the bottle and set it aside.

3. Grind a chunk of Elite Shungite into a powder, put the powder in a pot of water and leave it under the moon light for one night. Strain the water into a bottle the following morning and then set it aside with the other bottles. (Full moon is preferred for this charge only)

4. Take a handful of pink Himalayan salt, throw it in a pot of water and do the Charged Water Technique (mentioned in a previous article) for 100 breaths. Next you'll do the Psi Ball Salt Bath Cleanse method (also mentioned in a previous article) for 5 minutes straight, dump the salt from this method into the pot. Afterwards you'll chant “OM” 21x's into the water. We are almost done with our “Super Charged Water”. Perform the following mantra for 45 minutes straight, without interruption and not keeping track of your repetitions. You can set a timer if that helps you keep track of the minutes.


5. Pour the bottle of concentrated peppermint water into a Singing Bowl and play the Singing Bowl for 5 minutes, chant "OM" the entire time. Put the water back into the bottle and spend 20 minutes channeling Reiki Energy into the bottle filled with concentrated peppermint water. Set the bottle aside again, after you have finished.

*(This step requires you to at least have a Level One Reiki Attunement)

6. Pour the bottle of concentrated rose water into a Singing Bowl and play the Singing Bowl for 5 minutes, chant "OM" the entire time. Put the water back into the bottle and spend 20 minutes channeling Pranic Energy into the bottle filled with concentrated rose water. Set the bottle aside again, after you have finished.

*(This step requires you to be proficient with chi cultivation and the know how to direct chi.)

7. Pour the bottle of concentrated Elite Shungite water into a Singing Bowl and play the Singing Bowl for 5 minutes, chant "OM" the entire time. Put the water back into the bottle and spend 20 minutes channeling Bengston Method Energy into the bottle filled with concentrated Elite Shungite water. Set the bottle aside again, after you have finished.

*(This step requires you to have comprehension and practice of Bengston Method.)

Internal Structure

You've got a solid base of concentrates, individually they are each incredibly potent and I personally tested each one. I'd advise you to try a minor dose of each of the concentrates, pay attention and notice how they affect you internally over the course of a couple hours. Blend a few drops of each concentrate together and mix it into a small cup of regular water before you consume it. The internal component that builds on top of the foundation is where things get tricky. You'll need to find collective lineage power, this can't come from just one master, and that means you must visit an actual temple with monks or enlightened holy men. No offense, but you won't find these folks in a traditional western church. Even if it's not your faith or tradition, see it as part of the formula. I stick with my lineage, but you could go to any Hindu, Jainist, Taoist, or Buddhist temple that gives blessings to the public.

1. Take a gallon of water and appropriate food offerings. Go to a temple and prostrate (or pay respects) to the monks (or holy men). Ask that your water be blessed for you, take it once it has been blessed and get ready to layer it even more.

2. Invoke Eiji (a water goddess), transfer the energy of the invocation into the water. Invoke her again and bless the water with her energy. Invoke her one more time and evoke her through the water. Have her deeply entrench her energies into the water.

*(This step requires a working Ceremonial Magick background and can use any water goddess, Eiji is just a specific one that I have a relationship with, you need strong power in summoning spirits to pull this step off.)

3. Place a Tangerine Quartz point in the gallon of water. Cleanse the crystal first and charge it. Hold the jug in front of you and perform the following 4 mudras in order. Use the first mudra with your dominant hand while you use the second mudra with the other hand. you want to cycle the mudras for a total of 5 minutes.

Keep going in succession.
(1 & 2, 2 & 3, 3 & 4, 4& 1, 1 & 2, keep repeating)

1 2 3 4

4. Read the Atanatiya Sutta, the Metta Sutta, and the Ratana Sutta (preferably in Pali over English), speak with intention and loving purity in your heart. After you've done this over the jug,

you will then read the Hanuman Chalisa over the water. You must read “Immortal Talks by Lord Hanuman”, (Google it). It needs to be read right before you perform the Hanuman Chalisa and again once you finish the prayer, then you'll chant the following mantra, 74x’s.


5. Draw the sigils shown below. Place the sigils on a piece of paper and then glue them on a glass container. Make sure the glass container can withhold at least a gallon of water. This will be the permanent container for all of our concentrates once we have finished. Activate the sigils by pulsing your energy into them and then pulling out, like how you'd open an umbrella. The sigil labeled ‘1’ will be on the front of the container. The sigil labeled ‘2’ will be on the back side. The sigil labeled ‘3’ will be on the right side and the sigil labeled ‘4’ will be on the left.





6. Take 2⁄3’s of the gallon of blessed monk water and pour it into the glass container with the sigils on it. Add equal parts of Super Charged Water, Rose Water, Elite Shungite Water, and Peppermint Water until the glass container is full. You will have leftover ingredients from all your bottles of water, you can use those later for other things or new batches of Demonic Antivenom.

(Leftover Ingredients)

The Heart and Spirit

This is where we take the combined mixture and lay the final consecration upon it. I observed the effects of the 4 bottles and the gallon of monk water all individually. The foundation ingredients have a powerful yang effect. I felt a punch from it, strong physical sensations and forced purging. The monk water was more of a yin effect, it is soft and subtle. Very clean feeling and cool sensations in my body, I also noticed it activated my psychic senses. The fully combined mixture up to this point is very potent and promising, but I wasn't done and had to decide what it was still lacking. That's when I decided it needed to contain more ritual work, mantra, and a heaping dose of concentrated energy.

1. Take the glass container with the combined mixture and channel Pranic Energy into the mixture, for a total of 30 minutes while focusing on a fusion on electric purple and piercing white light.

2. Hold your hands over the glass container and chant the following mantra, 1,008x’s.


The mixture is now fully ready, keep it chilled to have the energies at optimum levels. You'll pour a shot glass size amount into a cup and then pour regular water the rest of the way to dilute it. Place a couple of ice cubes in the glass and then drink it to the last drop. You can take a concentrated dose if you really need it, but prepare for a wild ride. Otherwise you can just drink a diluted glass each day in the morning. I measured an increase of heart rate comparable to a brisk jog, increased blood flow, muscle spasms, elevation in mood, emotional release, and relaxation of tightness in muscles. My client had a neurological reset and physiological reaction to the Demonic Antivenom. Based on my observation of testing it in the field, it was a success and gives validity to the fact that the water was changed on a quantum level.

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Karyn Blue
Karyn Blue
Oct 11, 2021

That is some serious energy you put into these elixirs! Wondering how long the water will hold the energy. How long is the elixir good for?

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