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Where Have You Been, Sadhu Dah?

I intend to start slowly back up on my blogs, but for now let me tell you a couple stories of the recent travels.

The past several months have been a blur and feel like so long and yet so short at the same time. After getting back to Thailand from Malaysia I found myself with a new partner who was toxic from the start and with a heavy heart and some mustered self respect I left her in Chiang Mai and went back to see master in Nonthaburi. Upon getting back down there LP Luk Thep did a reading on my energy and began to chastise me for choosing a woman so toxic that would lead me astray and siphon some of my energy. The loneliness on the road of extended travel can cause some of us to cast our judgments downwards in favor of picking up a favorable experience even when the wisdom that comes with being home causes us to think more carefully. I found myself back with all of my masters and things eased and became as they once were, deep in my studies, crafting amulets, and performing Buddhist magic. I visited Ajarn Non again, several times and this time took the sacred Mother Yant from him upon my back which contains all major 108 yant spells. This was not only a powerful moment for me, but it was a graduation of sorts as well.

The Mother Yant

Between meeting the fabled ghost master of Chiang Mai, performing traditional Songkran ceremony with big masters, and becoming a student of Lersi Pu Tong, so many more things took shape upon coming back to Thailand. It was bitter sweet in embarking again out into the world with new knowledge and tools. I took off to Malaysia again and went to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur. Being on the island for a week was the first vacation I had in years technically, everything else was work and study. The path of an Ajarn and Lersi gets tiring and expensive after awhile. There is always a ceremony, a ritual, an offering, a new katha, some yant to learn, and stories to memorize. With just a few days left before the next Malaysia trip, I did my best to focus, but I am human, and still a humble 32yrs old. I wanted to go party if I am being honest, wanted to chase girls, wanted to socialize and just have fun. I forced myself to sit down and study old works by LP Khaek, and practice new katha that Lersi Lek Pakdee had been giving me consistently. I also focused intently on my business and finished crafting several new amulets for my shop and teaching some of my students from Singapore. Maybe this is all boring stuff and not what you were expecting from a return blog post after being way for several months. This is me though, and this is transparency.

Songkran Special Ceremony

The next blog post will be about the magic that took place during the large multi day ceremony we performed leading up to and during Songkran along with an explanation of what this once a year special holiday is all about. As always, thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for more, folks!

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