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The Role Of Karma In Ritual Magick

I recently had a client come to me for services regarding love, he wanted a very specific outcome and we had to sit down and have the "magic talk" before proceeding. Often times people have an unrealistic expectation of how a ritual will work for them or what an amulet can do for them.

The client in question wanted one hell of a tall order. He is married and his best friend who is also male is married, but they have a very intimate relationship that one could easily see is more than platonic. Both of the wives are aware and ok with this arrangement, so I saw no moral conflict in helping him with his plight. My client informed me that recently his "friend" had started to grow distant and was no longer comfortable displaying affections publicly or even behind closed doors. The solution was complex, but rather straightforward. I needed to know more about why there was a sudden shift with the friend and what had changed before I could proceed.

Enter the neighbor boy, my client tells me that his friend has been hanging out with the neighbor boy a lot and the neighbor was commenting on how weird it was and heckling my client's friend and him about their relationship and closeness when they are both married and claim to be straight. While none of this is really the neighbors business, they invited him into their lives and that brought up questions, heckling, and uncomfortable probing which led the friend of my client to begin questioning his sexuality and distancing himself from my client.

I had a pretty clear direction at this point, I needed to perform an Inkoo Lovers Ceremony to soothe the storms of their relationship and bring them back together, but it got more complicated when my client flew from India to come see me. It was in person that I saw just how touchy this case would be, my client was obsessed and love drunk, this friend of his was all he could ever think about. I ended up having to do a trauma regression and hypnosis session with an added pranic healing to release these compulsive patterns in him, but in truth there was actually a lot more I wanted to do, but the client was only focused on paying me for specific things and though I gave some free services for what I deemed necessary, time and other constraints were not in my favor, I did what I could with limited resource.

My client had very low self esteem, stagnation in his life, and didn't understand the difference between emotional love, friendship, and lust. He also talked in circles over the same things, like a broken record, and never asked me the questions that would have been worth asking. After the hypnosis session and energy healing we did the ceremony together, I took the ashes of 59 children, chin fat oil, sacred auspicious herbs, and a shared cigarette from him and the friend that he had brought with him, among other ingredients for the ritual. I used the appropriate katha, called in my spirits and placed him in front of the altar while having him hold my Yoni Mae Mirror of charm and lust. I just decided to give him exactly what he asked for and wait for him to learn afterwards why this was not a fruitful endeavor.

To celebrate that night before he flew back to India, we decided to go out to some bars and try out the charm oil I sold to him along with some other charm amulets. The result was hilarious, but honestly to be expected. He was mind blown by the effect of the charm oil, a married lesbian couple tried to take him home, straight men kissed him at the bar, everybody wanted to take pictures from him, and he even got a couple phone numbers. He was so happy and kept telling me this never happens to him and he was bewildered by all the attention. His friend back home even called him and began professing his undying love, apologizing for the distance and they talked for some time. He left my place so grateful that he sent me additional money as a gift and thanks for all I did. What came next though, right? How does this tie in with karma?

Some of the amulets he bought from me were for business, commanding mercy, and prosperity in career, weeks afterwards he started getting high praise at work, a promotion, and many new opportunities he had not had before, he became very popular at work and in that area of his life things were more than amazing.


His relationship with the friend was going back and forth, they even ended up getting in a physical fight, and there was more drama from the neighbor. He asked me how this could be, how could everything else be incredible and a drastic change, but his love life isn't as he wishes? The path he wanted me to take I refused, I would not bind and play with the mind of his friend to compel him to love my client back, I would not place a curse on the neighbor boy or banish him. These would maybe add some temporary pushes forward to his obsessive goal, but they would not be lasting solutions and it is something I was not willing to provide him with.

Enter Karma

In everyone's life there are certain predispositions based on past life actions and the grooves etched into the universe by the previous steps of your consciousness which continues in flow even as the body and personality changes form, similar to a record playing all the way to the end of the song and going to the next song, but it is all the same record. Not all amulets work for every person the same, that also goes for ritual work, for some people it will be more effective than for others. This is based in the level of what they have and what they lack. We can add more to what is lacking, but that doesn't mean we will fill the cup, and if we add more to where there is abundance, it's as simple as pushing a car downhill, it just goes faster even though it doesn't really need a push. What makes a spell, ritual, or amulet truly effective is if there is some kind of backing to it initially, if there is already traction it is much easier to launch, think in terms of physics. If something is already in motion, adding more force to it will propel it in an accelerated manner, versus something being stationary taking more initial force to move it and additional force to propel it in an accelerated manner. It doesn't mean we can't have success with something going in reverse, it just takes a lot more work and sometimes it may not be worth all of the effort to stop it and then get it to move in the other direction.

With my client, at this point I have instructed him to take one of two paths. He needs to qualm his obsessive thoughts with this friend that he clearly has a toxic relationship with and either introduce me and let me do a lot of healing work on the both of them and then let things manifest in a natural and centered way. A lot of work, but better than just launching magic over and over and hoping for the best in a messy situation, it's like having a room covered in mud and just throwing soapy water at it, sure if you throw enough buckets of soapy water you will clean the mud off the walls, but then you are still standing in a soapy muddy mess all over the floor, it all still needs to be cleaned up eventually. The other instruction I gave my client that he just will not take my advice on is to separate from the friend, take this newfound charm and find someone more suitable to explore his desires with, it really is the simplest solution, and yet one can never underestimate the stubborn nature of some folks...

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