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Ho'omana and Lemuria

How does Hawaii relate to the fabled Lemuria? What is a Kahuna? What spiritual practices do Pacific Islanders follow? All this and more will be answered in this new article from Sadhu Dah, grab a seat and get ready for a fascinating read.

Have you ever heard of the lost continent of Mu? What about the fabled Lemuria?

What we now call "Ho'omana" [hoe-oh-mahn-nah], used to be called "Huna" [whoon-nah], which was believed to be the spiritual practice and religious philosophy belonging to the citizens of Mu.

The Hawaiian language contains layers of different meanings for single words. How we see the world and the true nature of the unseen become mixed when we use the lens of the Hawaiian language. Which is said to be the actual native tongue of Ancient Lemuria. The word "Ka" [cah] means, "the one who". The word Huna means "knowledge of the hidden or unseen".

If we combine these two words we get "Kahuna" [cah-whoon-nah]. A Kahuna is someone that's essentially a priest who keeps the secrets, secrets of the unseen. Just as the Vedic's describe energy as Prana, the Chinese as Chi, the Japanese as Qi, the Hawaiian's call it "Mana" [mahn-nah].

This Mana is life-force and the Kahuna is someone who has cultivated it much the same as a Taoist Priest, Yogi, Shaman, Sadhu, or any other spiritual practitioner to reach an adept degree.

Lemuria and Mu were one in the same and it is believed that modern day Hawaiians can be traced back to that civilization. Lemuria is to the Pacific Ocean what Atlantis was to the Atlantic Ocean. This ancient continent used to stretch across the Pacific Ocean and was a highly enlightened society with advanced technology and super consciousness. In today's times all that is left of the former continent is the highest peaks and mountains, we call these mountain tops Hawaii and the other Pacific Islands; Polynesia, New Zealand, and Tahiti were also believed to be part of this ancient continent.

The knowledge of Huna was nearly lost with the invasion of the Hawaiian Islands by foreign forces in the 1890's. Huna taught the key to living a fulfilled life through awakening the subconscious mind and integrating it with your conscious and higher consciousness. This is one and the same with Yoga and Vedic teachings, Taoist philosophy and practice, and countless other traditions. A great example that comes to mind for me, Theravada Buddhist teachings of using meditation practices, accruing of Metta (loving kindness), and following the Dhama to attain enlightenment.

The guiding force of Mana can be integrated into your body and used to heal others, or even reflected onto one's self for healing. Just as in Reiki, we use attunements and I will impart you with a meditation to bring you into connection with Huna and grant you "Level One Attunement" so that you may begin working with Huna Mana. I have modified and bridged the traditional attunement system so you may use the Huna energies without having to be attuned to level three. Unlike with Reiki where you can use the first attunement to heal yourself and others, Huna requires all three attunements to channel and direct the forces outward and inward.

One of my first teachers was a very powerful Kahuna who mentored me and taught me intimate practices; rituals, and prayers of the ancient Lumerian peoples. Much I can not share with you without taking you to the level of Kahuna, but this parting gift of beginning attunement should not be underestimated for the value and strength it will provide your life and how it can enrich the lives of others.

Order Of Lono [low-no]

Stare at the above picture and take a seated position. Slightly close your eyes while keeping the picture within sight. With eyes half closed and half open while focused on the picture, repeat this phrase out loud.

"I hear the winds upon the beaches, I smell the salt upon these sacred winds and feel the Ancient Ho'omana. I, [State Name] choose to embrace the Mana of Mu and will share this with my brothers and sisters of the world. One tribe, no matter the color of skin, nor the tone of language will ever be separate from the connection of this sacred Ho'omana. I will be the connection, Aloha."

Now close your eyes and see the image in the picture above, hold it in your mind. Allow your palms to face up and lay on your lap. Welcome the energies as they flow through your palms, feel the center of your palms opening and guiding this energy into your structure.

You now have the sacred Huna flowing through you, to activate and use it all you need to do is place your palms over your heart and rub together then extend outward and hold them over someone's head, or you may hold them over your own body for self healing.

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2 commentaires

Karyn Blue
Karyn Blue
13 juil. 2021

Ok I did this and what a great and peaceful feeling. I went into meditation which I normally have trouble doing. I felt the energy in my hands. My hands felt heavy and warm. Very interesting sensation. I have taken and been initiated in Reiki one and two, but never felt this for lack of better words as right and authentic as this. Thank you.


Karyn Blue
Karyn Blue
13 juil. 2021

I must ask, what is the symbol on the clouds in the photo?

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