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Scientific Foundations of Magic

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

This week, Sadhu Dah breaks down 3 different experiments that give validation to energy healing and concepts of magical practices as a measurable effect.

Many people often wonder where magic ends and science begins, or vice versa. The two are not exclusively separate, many a time has someone made the comment that magic is just a technology we don't fully understand yet. While that may be true in some regards, we can actually say that much is known about magic in regards of observable effect in a scientific setting. The Vedics spoke of metaphysical concepts, the paranormal, and magic, thousands of years ago, same as the Taoists, and varying Shamans of numerous indigenous cultures.

What did they understand that modern science is just now coming to an understanding of today?

Experiment 1: Vladimir Poponin is the owner of Nanophotonics Biosciences Inc., he's also a highly respected Quantum Physicist known worldwide for his contributions in Quantum Biology. He has established a vast amount of research into the nonlinear dynamics of DNA and the interactions of weak electromagnetic fields with biological systems. He conducted an experiment in the early 90's and demonstrated human DNA can affect the photons around it. This means that human DNA can effect light particles, "E=MC squared", the famous equation that Einstein discovered tells us in combination with Poponin's research that all matter is composed of light and can be manipulated by other light particles. In his experiment, Poponin had a glass tube with all the air removed to create a vacuum and all that remained were photons (light particles). He then went on to measure the distribution of the photon particles in the tube, while in a vacuum state, Poponin validated the distribution of the photon particles was entirely random. He then introduced human DNA inside the tube, only this time when the photons were measured there was a pattern present, meaning the photons were aligning and positioning according to the presence of human DNA, they actually aligned along the axis of the DNA. This would indicate that in some way the photons had to have been aware of the introduction of the human DNA. Removing the DNA from the tube presented interesting results as well, the photons didn't return to behaving randomly, they behaved as if the DNA was still present in the tube. The photons maintained the aligned structure of the DNA, which means the DNA must have left an energetic imprint once removed. This "phantom-DNA" energy field was continually observed and kept the photons in place for a month. What I find truly remarkable is that Poponin even blasted liquid nitrogen into the tube to disrupt the photons and it only lasted temporarily before they realigned with the phantom-DNA and it only took the photons less than 10 minutes to achieve this.

What does this mean though?

When we talk about chi, prana, mana, energy, and the chakras, and meridians, we are talking about a complex energy body that fuels the physical body. The results of Poponin's experiment tell us that we have an energy body capable of existing and operating outside of the limits of physical containment. When the human DNA was removed in the experiment, the photons remained in communication with the DNA. This means physical matter can be absent and a bio-energetic connection can still be maintained because it is working with the greater energy field with which all matter is connected to. Using this knowledge we can explain residual hauntings, the imprint of energy on a land that turns sour, holy spots all over the world, and why some people can sense a presence without being able to see it. Ghosts are even worth mentioning here, ghosts are composed of energy and that is why they can interact with energy fields of other living beings and physical matter, they are manipulating the photons within a specified field to create a specific effect, which seems otherworldly, but they are merely following the laws of physics and the principle of energetic exchange. If enough energy is condensed, those photons become more visible and this explains why we can see manifestations of ghosts sometimes. We can also note that phantom-DNA staying in place for a month lines up with the monthly lunar cycles, and how in some magical practices of amulet and talisman crafting, energies are consecrated and laid on top of one another to induce a specific effect, which is just the amulet or talisman resonating with specific or wider fields of influence to achieve the determined effect for the person holding, or within reach of the harmonized energies, who then joins their energetic field to this constructed field of energy.

Experiment 2: The U.S. Military took DNA samples from willing subjects, the DNA was then separated from the donor. Once the DNA was separated the donor was subjected to emotionally stimulating imagery. The experiment concluded that the separated DNA and the donor responded at exactly the same time to the imagery and emotional stimulation. This gives us validation to "non-locality and quantum entanglement".

What does this mean though?

When a Tibetan Lama rubs their saliva on an altar, or puts a bit of their saliva in a homeopathic remedy, they are using this underlying concept. How? The saliva has their DNA, and the altar is a placeholder for an energetic construct designed to bring specific currents of energy into alignment, and by having the saliva in place, the DNA is being affected by this energetic field and as such so does the person the DNA came from. Explaining the saliva in a homeopathic remedy is easy to understand and not so bizarre when we break it down, the Lama has a higher state of consciousness and being, their energies through cultivation and practice are vibrating with more density and at a higher level. When they take their saliva which contains this higher density energy it mixes with the herbs in the tincture or salve and cause a chain reaction, an alchemical transition. It activates the herbs and their resonance to a higher state, and if these herbs have natural healing properties for the body and mind then they become enhanced. The military experiment also provides more understanding as to why the Hawaiian Kahunas used to bury their feces and hide it from other Kahunas. They did this because it has markers of their DNA and if another Kahuna wanted to curse or send negative energetic influence to a Kahuna, all they needed was excrement, because the intended effect applied to it would naturally have a reaction in the person that the excrement originally belonged to. Another example is how a Wiccan might employ Witch Bottles to distract an enemy trying to bring them harm, a bottle containing a mixture of ingredients, but most importantly, hair or nail clippings, something with their DNA is used to signify to the incoming attack that this is the person. The incoming energy hits the bottle instead of the actual person and breaks the bottle, because the bottle has their DNA in it.

Experiment 3:

The first bio-magnetic signal was discovered in 1863 by Gerhard Baule and Richard McFee with a magnet cardiogram (MCG), it operated by using a series of magnetic induction coils to detect electro magnetic fields generated by a human heart. Since then, we have developed greater sensitivity of bio magnetic measurements thanks to a superconducting quantum interference device dubbed SQUID back in the 1970's. Cardioelectromagnetic Communication is the energetic communication occurring from the magnetic fields produced by the heart. The human heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, it produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any organ in the body, including the brain by more than 60 times in amplitude of its electrical activity. The field is measured by an ECG (electrocardiogram), and it can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body. Want to know what is most impressive? The magnetic field of the heart is over 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by our brains, and we can even detect it up to 3 feet away from the body in every direction using SQUID-based magnetometers. The Institute of HeartMath found that the timing between pulses in the magnetic field of the heart was modulated by varying emotional states. The magnetic signals generated by the heart have the ability to affect people directly around us.

What does this mean though?

Our hearts magnetic field interacts non-locally with the quantum field. Ever been around someone in a bad mood when you were in a good mood and you had to leave because they are bringing you down emotionally? How about a guy treating a customer service rep poorly and then they snap at a coworker? This is the transference of conjoined emotional response through rapport. This applies to a hypnotherapist in session with a client just as much as an energy healer performing a cleansing on an individuals aura and chakras. The manipulation of energetic fields with heart coherence is how someone can take their higher state and bring someone in a lower state to resonate with them and drop the baggage of everything not aligned to the higher state. This is also why remote healing is effective, when done correctly, two people can be separated by thousands of miles, but because of heart coherence and quantum entanglement, the magnetic fields connect in the quantum field allowing a unified experience to manifest in a new reality through co-creation.

These 3 experiments provide the scientific foundation and very mechanism of expression behind all magic.

Sympathetic Magic Formula

By using the reverse of how we explore the science, we can outline with a few steps the most reproduceable method I have come across for making all magic and healing truly effective. We start with heart coherence, then move to non-local awareness, and finish by creating a quantum template. We have to turn on the car switch to get the vehicle moving, this is generating strong intention and feeling connected to the intention by using the electromagnetic field of the heart. We use the strong visualization and feeling the manifestation without imposing our will, but inviting the new reality to co-create with us in the now. Lastly, we release attachment to the outcome, and this lets us cross from our own individual experience to a unified experience. We go from subconscious to quantum, and that's really all there is to it, but making that happen for most people will require some form of training and guidance before it can be secondhand nature.

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