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Swan Dive Protocol and The 4th Dimension

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

How do we understand the 4th dimension? How do you bring someone back who is so fractured that suicide feels like the only way to end suffering? In this article, Sadhu Dah explains the intrinsic nature of the 4th dimension and explains concepts of the multi dimensional self and tells you about a very dangerous way of saving someone drowning inside their own soul.

When I do work in the 4th dimension I'm experiencing, not seeing; it's hard to convey in words, but I'll do my best, it is like chi, one must feel it rather than purely study it otherwise comprehension becomes muddled and unclear.

Take 5 steps forward, now 5 back, reach your arms out in a 45 degree angle and rotate them in circles, look up, and now look down. This is our regular 3rd dimension in physicality, try something else now, tell me where your thoughts are.

No, they are not in your head, but then where are they?

Welcome to the mental plane, it intersects with the 4th dimension, the bridge itself to crossing that threshold. You can't physically reach out and grab a thought, you can think it and identify with it, hold it and feel it, and with this understanding we know what the 4th dimension is in perception.

Across all timelines you exist here and even in higher dimensions, but we have to start in the mental plane bridge to branch into the 4th and to get anywhere else. The 4th dimension by itself is where time is understood and experienced in the way that we do. Crossing from the 4th into the 5th dimension is where multiple timelines are held and accessed. The 6th dimension is all potential timelines in this universal expression and beyond that it gets very weird to put it lightly. Taking into account the importance of the 4th dimension and its bridge to other dimensions above, this means every age you've been, every thought, feeling, the sensations and very experiences that culminate to structure your ego identity. They all independently function in this space. They live here and come together to structure your consciousness and funnel out of your "Atman" (center of soul structure) as a point of awareness in this unique experience and expression of self.

It's you, all of it is you.

The self can be fractured though, disconnected and lost, pieces can break away and get swept into the vast void of the abyss. The darkness of the mind can replay these echoes of memories, distant calls of a tangled self tapping its foot on nerves and synaptic pathways, into the mental field, screams of nothingness. It can be more terrifying for the expression of you that is disconnected completely, not the "you" as you know yourself regardless of how uncomfortable your ego feels, the disconnected version is in pure soul agony.

These fractured parts are still rooted to the physical realm, no matter how shattered the self becomes, because you are physically alive these parts are still rooted to your body and mind even though they independently exist in the 4th dimension as their own infinite expressions.

They have always existed and always will. Understand this, you coming into the form you have now making the choices you've made, having the experiences you hold, out of all existing and infinite possibilities, and multi verse divisions of your unique expression, you became who you are. Because of this, you established a base line of existence where all these parts connected together the same as cells in the womb form a fetus. You only exist physically, mentally, and spiritually as you are because you pieced together from the grand cosmic structure to have a personalized expression in the mind of creator.

Think of the lost shard as floating away and trapped at the same time, even the you that is hurting still has a base line and connection with other parts, but a shattered shard is on its own, lost in the vastness of the 4th. and divided out into the 5th which displaces it's 6th dimensional essence, but through the 4th dimension we can sync them together in alignment again.

The 4th spatial dimension overlaps the 3rd dimension, it is not just an additional pocket, but it's own entire space while simultaneously containing the lower dimension. The concept of the 4th dimension mainly came to light in the 19th century by Mobius, but it was known of prior to this for thousands of years by shamans and mystics. A three dimensional object can be taken and rotated onto its mirror image in the 4th dimension. This gives us access to layers of the spiritual body that we can't access within the 3rd dimension, but through the consciousness we can navigate this realm and explore it. Pay attention to the mirror image concept as I will reference it on a deeper level when I talk about "Swan Dive Protocol".

Reaching the 6th dimension causes one's identity of self to disappear entirely, it doesn't die, but traveling there requires the loss of self in conscious understanding and the adoption of unity in Eternal Atman. The same way we cross the bridge of the mental plane to the 4th dimension is the same way that higher vibrational entities cross from their dimensions down to the 6th dimension to interact with us. That is a low dimension for them, but a very high one for us as physical beings, especially because all potential timelines exist there. Take a moment to actually let that statement sink in.. To be aware as you understand awareness requires us to remain in the 3rd or 4th, the 5th starts to get fuzzy because the rules change exponentially, and the 6th requires a much higher shift in expression of self, because in the 6th the self becomes formless beyond mental comprehension.

Our three dimensional bodies can physically touch, but not merge. Our minds, however are a different story, they connect across the mental plane and retain separate identity even in connected states, but they are not divided and can become one through the bridge to the 4th dimension. Mirror neurons allow our bodies to match and reflect through deep rapport and with 4th dimension bridging you can essentially become that person and the stronger spirit will come out dominant and can create change down to the quantum level in another persons body and their own cellular structure will integrate the change across the double helix and even be capable of shutting off genetic coding, or activating it.


Swan Dive Protocol

1. Prep work on client to make gathering fractured pieces possible, covert hypnosis, meridian cleansing, body engagement and distraction.

2. Healer must establish elevated state to hold higher vibration and create anchor of safety as a way to come back.

3. Forced rapport through mirror neurons to connect across all fractured selves of client and allow healer to feel in their body and mind what the client is feeling.

4. Diving into the depths of insanity and joining the client in their madness, swimming in the trauma and becoming it while remaining elevated above it simultaneously.

5. Integrating the soul shards back into their proper places in the clients neurology, flowing through feeling and enveloping them into healers higher vibratory state.

6. Letting parasympathetic response engage in client, preparing to observe and guide the integration process as adrenal response spends its remaining charge.

7. Healer breaks deep rapport and ends mirror neuron connection and allows client to finish integration. Healer will also purge any retained energies from the client out of their body.

One of my masters taught me how to do the Swan Dive and he highly suggests against doing it unless absolutely necessary due to a very strong likelihood that if not pulled off with pinpoint accuracy, the healer can become trapped in the client's madness or delusion. Mentally they can become lost forever and fracture completely and enter a deep state of psychosis known as "Space Neurosis". The longer a person swan dives the deeper the risk of losing themselves completely and having the safety cord of higher state be ripped away. Joined delusion then occurs and can open all trauma packets in your own body creating a horrid conjoined version of both peoples trauma. This amalgamation of traumas take over and then both individuals can be lost forever in each other stuck in a perpetual state of catatonia and rapid cycling age regression with delusional trauma alters.

I'll provide an example of how this technique was employed to help someone with a Level 3 Trauma, I assisted my master in the prep work for the client, and then under his guidance, I fully committed to the Swan Dive.

The first step was gaining rapport and trust on the conscious level and getting the body engaged through conscious breathing and movement to generate endorphins and create awareness of self even with dissociated fracture subconscious parts. This consisted of Chi Gong, Gung Fu, Pranayama, Meridian Dredging, Attachment Breaking, Neurolinguistic Programming, Covert Hypnosis, State Breaking, and State Control.

The second step was elevating myself to higher consciousness and willfully entering Samadhi (superconscious state). This would allow me to not be pulled into a lower vibratory state while submerging myself into it. I achieved this by already having years of experience and practice which allowed me to simply go there when I need to.

The third step was staring into the client's eyes and connecting with their nervous system through a combined effort of bridging my subconscious mind/body connection to theirs and also rooting my energies into them on a quantum level through 4th dimension soul merging.

The 4th step is the most dangerous part, joining the delusion of all collective fractured parts of the client, completely identifying with the madness inside. Making their pain my pain, using my collective trauma and bridging it with theirs, complete soul exposure. Doing this allows me to be them in entirety, though I still had my own physical body, on a conscious level I was both aware of myself and what I was doing, but also feeling everything they felt internally.

The 5th step is a walking back, tracing out the original fractured path and navigating the fractured self back to where it originally came from before it split. It is all feeling based and centered around chi, it is incredibly difficult to explain what this feels like and how it looks because it is all happening in the 4th dimension and being felt sensationally in the body at the same time.

The 6th step is where you've got the fractured parts back and integration has begun, but you can't break rapport yet and unfortunately this is where it can be really hard to watch as the client goes through a delayed adrenal response. They may hysterically cry, thrash about, flail, scream, shake and tremble, it can't be stopped or discouraged. Their body is venting a latent charge from the adrenal chemicals it has held onto for years and it needs to express from the body to spend the charge and allow the full integration to occur across the neurology.

The 7th step requires the connection of mirrored expression to be severed, they can safely finish expressing on their own from here, in the initial start I had to ride up and down the waves of reaction from the client's body so it wasn't too much of a shock in the initial integration, but as the charge spun down a bit, only then was I able to disengage and start purging any retained energies from my own body.

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1 Comment

Karyn Blue
Karyn Blue
Jul 12, 2021

Goodness! After reading all of this, it makes sense to me, though to do it, I gleaned is a complicated and dangerous procedure. Bless you for your dedication to training in doing this. I am so enjoying reading your blog and was delightfully surprised I liked your talk with Chris Flemming on Spirit Talk radio. I find all of what I have heard you say or read so far very interesting. Thank again for explaining some of what you do in a language I can relate to.

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