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The Acausal Realm and Understanding Demons

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

A stir in the dark, a growl from the shadows, prickling sensations down the neck... What is a demon? Where do they come from? What is the nature of their existence?

I use the term "Demon", because it is a catch all term for high level malevolent entities with diabolical intentions. I do not believe in the mythology of Christianity as factual story, but the word Demon is familiar to most people for what we will be discussing in this article. Demons are a specific type of entity that I specialize in dealing with, there's so many different types of Demons; honestly I don't know where to start. So ladies and gentlemen, buckle in and get ready for a wild ride as we pick apart what these entities are and how they operate.

Supernatural is defined by relation to, or having attributes of phenomena that cannot be explained within normal and natural laws. Preternatural is the realm that is inhabited specifically by negative or evil and diabolical entities. It is within these various dark dimensions that entities of many categories dwell. The preternatural realm has several kingdoms that are timeless and have existed long before man and will continue to long after. We will explore a couple of the major classes and related entities in the same vein of existence, but this is not a complete list.

Qlipoth- Some variations of spelling are Qlippoth/Qlifot, or Kelipot and Klepoth. Jewish Kabbalah defines the Qlipoth as being shells, peels or husks; I've come to know it as the ‘Kingdom of Shells’. This is a horrid place that is darker than any nightmare you could possibly dream up, the word pernicious doesn't even come close in description.

The Qlipoth in its own right is a God, it's composed of many world's and various entities that culminate together as a unified consciousness. This is the true description of what Christians define as "Hell" and the resemblance it would hold. The shells of ghosts when shed, are taken to this place and wander about as lifeless husks not even aware of existence. Dark Magicians have worked with the Qlipoth for centuries, some traditions such as Brazilian Quimbanda and Goetia, or Dark Qaballah, worship and dedicate rites to the Qlipoth.

Some entities like the Djinn, originally came from the Qlipoth before migrating to our world. The Djinn feared for their own safety as a race and ability to gather resource in a sustainable way, they came to our world and integrated dimension above to experience a more sustainable existence. What you know as Lucifer is not exclusive to Christianity, more so he is an ambassador for the Qlipothic world's, a concept not necessarily of the biblical story. His older brother, Lucifuge Rofocale as defined in some darker traditions is a creator of shadow world's and oversees in populating them, he closely works with many magicians in alignment to these currents and entities that he employs.

He is one of many God like shadow beings who exert control over aspects of creation and existence from what they are able to magnetically grasp onto, think of it as the world inside of a blackhole and the draw it has to collapse things into it which will still exist, but the form will transition to fit within the pocket it finds itself folded into. The deity incarnate of the whole dimension, is often called Klepoth and he seeks to take over this world by spreading portals all around with the aid of his acolytes that work in various cults.

At one point in my past, I belonged to a couple of these orders, and I did some pretty fucked up things. I have since atoned for my actions, but the things that I saw and witnessed have proven to me the existence of the Qlipothic dimension. We all can stray from our path at times, and it's not how far you fall from glory, but the arc of redemption in finding your way back. Many of these entities had a fall from glory themselves. Depictions of fallen angels in the bible are accurate in a certain sense, mainly in describing how some higher vibrational entities descended into lower levels of consciousness and were unable to find their way back, they then became part of the unified shadow structure and evolved to adapt within that framework.

Acausal- This dimension is similar with the Klepoth, I've tangled with beings of this category many times, it's never pretty.. They are difficult to remove and incredibly powerful, you could consider this to be a sort of upside down dimension. Simultaneity is the principle that represents acausal, that makes these beings and the entire dimension composed of energy that does not propagate in a causal linear way. Meaning it is not in order with either “time” or “space”, and instead propagates and manifests in a specified manner. The nature of acausal-space and acausal-time has no direct causal-based, “cause and effect”. All events are not, or may not be separated within a duration of causal time. They are not separated by a physical distance which can be measured according to causal-space.

What Christians and Satanists call "Satan", is just a type of being that belongs to a race which lives in acausal-time and acausal-space. These beings very existence is independent of us, as causal beings. The very world and universe as you know it could disappear, and these beings would still exist. The Dark Gods of mythos and esoteric traditions are a specific type of acausal entity. These beings do not “die” in the traditional sense as we do, and they do not “age” as we age. They are so different from us that our causal concept of physical travel (or movement) is irrelevant and does not apply to these entities.

Many cannot change or restructure temporal things, just as some cannot travel or exist within the causal spaces. A lot of them require some aid or assistance in opening a "nexion" (point of entry) to our temporal space. These entities are neither “good” nor “evil”, but live according to their own nature. They are like a wild predatory animal, you wouldn't call a tiger an evil being, but you know it is predatory. They are drawn toward our causal spaces because they have acquired the ability to “feed off” certain types of emotion (states of being), and for them it is simply a resource of sustenance. Acausal beings are beyond our causal concepts, we are unable to fully comprehend them. They are distant abstractions of what we call reality. Some of these entities can dwell or be manifest in both the acausal and the causal simultaneously.

We could describe various dark dimensions and worlds even more, but you get the picture by now of what is out there, both explored and unexplored. Malevolent vibrations that hold consciousness within various forms that are abstract from a singular religious viewpoint are abundant and countless. Individuals that channel and work with these entities are merely puppets and extensions of the entities that control them and push an agenda of domination and enslavement. Some of these orders seek to create hybrid humans that are half demonic, while others seek to open gates that should remain closed. Experiences I have had and individuals I know have proven to me that some of these experiments and agendas have taken place and are still currently in the works across the world.

In the face of true possession with demonic entities, your faith and religion will not be of any respite. What you will need is an unbreakable will to survive, not everyone has that, unfortunately. The religious tools only have the power that you or an exorcist can instill in them energetically, or if they hold a charge that was already placed upon it. Many people don't want to hear these things, but a cross or the Quran will not save you by itself.

Diabolical entities are active in the day and at night, phenomena tends to occur in repetitions of 3 and foul smells are usually found when in close proximity to them. Any time that these entities are involved, be prepared to have your sense of reality flipped upside down. They are going to assault you with a barrage of visual and auditory hallucinations to force rapport and inhabit the space of your consciousness.

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Karyn Blue
Karyn Blue
Jul 12, 2021

I don't know what to classify the entities that I have dealt with. I had what now would be called sleep paralysis. It felt like something was trying to enter me thru my chest. Everything was dark. I was aware but couldn't move. I would not let this thing take me over and it was trying to push me out. I came at it fighting pushing it out of me and calling on the strength of the God of my understanding. This happened several times and it got to where I was afraid to fall asleep. Then one morning it happened again and I again pushed this being out of me and upon leaving is whispered in a…

Karyn Blue
Karyn Blue
Jul 13, 2021
Replying to

Will do !! I know I had a long story. Thank you for reading. And yes I believe he was a parasite for sure in the case of the sleep paralysis event. I think the one trying to mess with sister to be the de-evolved soul of my step uncle. He was a terrible man in life and died of syphilis, so his brain was probably mush when he died. He is the smelly one that met me at my car we think. Our property in the mountains of NC has a lot of natural springs so I have read that can have high energy for the paranormal. Bless you Sir and look forward to reading more of your blog!

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