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Ghost Sickness

One foot in this world and one foot in the next, caught in between, suffering from an illness that would see you die and become consumed by the void. Take a step from the in the between and walk with Sadhu Dah as he breaks down Ghost Sickness in this weeks article.

The phenomena known as "Ghost sickness" mainly comes from a cultural belief adopted by varying indigenous peoples. It typically affects those who are intimately touched by death. A couple examples include, attempted suicide, loss of a loved one, a close call with death, or witnessing death. When a person develops Ghost Sickness, a part of their Atman (soul) has crossed over or been claimed in the Bardo (in between crossing passage). They are alive and dead at the same time, not fully grounded into reality and struggling with maintaining a grip in the physical world, they neglect certain needs of the physical nature and become more ghost-like till they eventually wither away and truly become a ghost prematurely to their physical vessels naturally intended demise.

If one becomes preoccupied and/or consumed by the deceased to an obsessed point, it is likely that they are developing Ghost Sickness, this should especially be watched out for with individuals that are grieving and having great difficulty processing these emotions. The intensity of grief combined with a newly deceased person can lead to the perfect combination for spirit infusing, or attachment.

Ghost Sickness Symptoms:

-General Weakness and Fatigue

-Loss of appetite

-Feelings of suffocation or as if they are wearing a noose.

-Recurring nightmares and nightmares inside of nightmares.

-Impending feeling of doom and having constant terror in the body.

-Mental Imbalance unrelated to an already diagnosed psychiatric disorder.

-Sensation of hands touching the body.

-Unexplained red marks and dots that disappear soon after appearing, may also feel itchy.

-Sensations of pin pokes.

(Sickness is not limited to ghosts, can occasionally be tied to witches and witchcraft.)

When a ghost becomes dependent on living beings to keep itself alive, they become corrupted. This is a pre-stage to full transition as a wraith. Unconscious shells of ghosts will often be usurped by astral parasites and used in the same fashion. If a parasite is strong enough, then it doesn't use a ghost shell. The thing that is consistent and common between all of these varying types of sentient spiritual beings, is the need to prey on humans to sustain their own existence if they do not have a steady source of energy that is comparable to a living physical vessel.

What I'm about to describe is a very specific type of attack, it's slightly different from Demonic Venom, which I will describe in the next article. The way most of these predatory attacks occur is through hot needles and pin pricks. That is the basic comprehension of how this attack is perceived, usually it is followed by a drugged feeling or sudden fatigue, fevers and depression can occur as well. Marks that look like needle pokes can also be seen, but that's not always the case. These entities not of the human or demonic variety do not understand logic and solely react in a cyclical nature of repeating the process of feeding, these would be Drone Parasites which vary from other types of parasites such as Beast Class Parasites which happen to belong to low and mid level demonic category of classification. What is the process? They use a hollow etheric needle to pierce the energy body, it then follows down into a targeted Nadi Point (condensed energy point that coalesces to form a chakra) . The entity will then suck up the prana from the body, upon retracting the stolen energy it gives a sort of toxin to induce fear and pain, similar to how Hags feed. This toxic injection is meant to make the energy stagnant and cause the person to sink into a lower state, with repeated feedings the entity will enlarge itself while drawing the person closer to its harmonized frequency. When that person becomes in sync, they've then been contaminated internally, think of how an infection spreads through the blood.

The Nadi Points that these entities target are usually related to pre-existing blockages in the neurology which are in conjunction with trauma packets. The person is inflicted with nightmares, trauma loop locking, psychosis and numerous other ailments. The entity is of such a lower vibration, or tied with a vibration lower than the natural state of the affected person and their life energy. This accumulated toxin of negative energy creates a type of pulp or mash in an energy sense that then makes what the entity gathers to become sustenance. Treating Ghost Sickness is followed by 4 different methods and ways of approach. I have achieved great success with these methods. I either use Etheric Claws to sever the connection, Lumpia from Curanderismo (traditional Mexican magick) to draw the sickness out by using an egg, Suad Pan Yak, a pali chant of 12 verses to channel the Yaksa from the Asura dimension to assist in removing the sickness from the person. The 4th method I will use involves creating an elixir that I will have the client ingest, I call it Demonic Antivenom and it burns the sickness out of the body, very potent stuff and people can request it from me.

Etheric Claws- Activating the chi hands is the first step to this technique, I'll use my energy to form gloves and give them sharp tips on the fingers with a bright electric white and purple hue. Next step is to feel the affected spots where the pokes occurred, grab the needle tube of the entity and feel the stolen life force flowing through it. The flow is then reversed and I draw the energy back into the client, they breathe in and steal their energy back. You then have to dig your claws into the entity's needle, on your inhale you will suck the energy back through and into your hands. Let the energy go to your stomach and only stop when there's nothing left to siphon off. It feels strange and that's what is kind of hard to explain in words, the feeling is quite odd. I then continue the process for each successive poke and affected area.

Suad Pan Yak- Every time I perform this ritual I have to rest for a couple days after because I become a conduit for the Yaksa and infuse their spirits to my body, it is different from possession and yet very similar at the same time. The Suad Pan Yak means to chant in Pali to the Yaksa. Think of this as a discourse between the Yaksa and the Buddha, it is both a prayer and a literal conversation. I open a door to the lower heaven dimensions and invite with a call to arms for all the spirits there that can hear me to come to my aid and help me in healing the affected person.

Lumpia- The basic explanation is that I am holding an egg against the affected spot or spots, then I keep it on the area for 2 minutes and throw it away somewhere in nature for the land to recycle the energies. I also use iron for increased effect and hold to the spots where I remove the egg from. I watched a client take their temperature right after an attack they experienced, they had a fever and after the egg was applied we took the temperature again and it dropped. This part of the process is more of lancing a cyst so that the pus can ooze out of the wound. I know that sounds gross, but it is a great description for comparing it to what is actually happening.

Demonic Antivenom- Contact me for a personal supply of this elixir. Have the person who is effected drink a small dose of the Demonic Antivenom and then have them apply it externally as well. Pour a little bit on a rag and press it on affected areas, rub it around in circular motions to get it in the pores. It will burn the toxin, clients describe it as fire going up their Meridian Lines. This is good, it's like burning a fever out of the body. Think of it like giving an antibiotic to somebody that has an infection. I make the Demonic Antivenom by coming different waters infused with herbs and having different mantra chanted into them and also have certain stones placed in the different waters and set out during certain parts of the Lunar cycle.

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